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If you want to wait until you are 50 years old to start taking care of your body and your mind, it will be more challenging to achieve it than if you start at 40.

Get to know your body; understand it and give it what it needs to function optimally.

Small changes in your daily habits will make the difference.

I remember that I use to go shopping on my bicycle while my friends took out their trucks to buy milk at the corner store. Life is made out of habits. There are good ones that make us more agile physically and intellectually and there are others that make us feel tired, clumsy and depressed.

Today we are many who turn to the Internet to do all kinds of queries.

I discovered that most articles about women AFTER 40, are really depressing. For example, in the case of PLENIPAUSE (previously misnamed menopause) I consider that the way people talk about us is the result of a great DISINFORMATION and OPPORTUNISM of the pharmaceutical industries to obtain excellent consumers of their products, in my case, I must confess that I almost did not realize the Plenipause thanks to my INTUITION.


At 42 I was designing my life after a divorce and returning to the vegetarianism of my youth. I started researching about vegetable protein that could replace meat and I found QUINOA.

To my great surprise many people still believe that it is a carbohydrate but my studies indicated otherwise and I began to consume it in abundance. The curious thing is that the results were magnificent: Despite my hormonal changes, I did not experience almost none of the symptoms described in those articles during PLENIPAUSE .


QUINOA contains TRYPTOPHAN, an essential amino acid that produces SEROTONIN and which in turn influences our mood.

When I asked my homeopathic doctor about what I should eat he always answered "Everything... vegetables, fruits, cereals, almonds, nuts”.


My diet rarely included chips, excess carbohydrates or processed sugar.

I quitted smoking, coffee, started riding a bicycle and swam when I had time.

I did it because I felt good without being aware of the GREAT GIFT I was giving to all my BEING.



Women by nature possess the gift of intuition and I think it is important to start believing in ourselves before resorting to the doctor and the pills. For which I consider vitally important to have a calm and clear mind.


There are many ways but I consider that there is nothing like YOGA and MEDITATION to lower the cortisol accumulated in your body by the stress.

The practice of this millennial method teaches you to listen to your body and to CONTROL YOUR MIND, once you decide to start changing habits in your life, do it calmly, without worries but with perseverance.

First, slowly leave your harmful eating habits and your addictions.


This first step will empower you to continue with the second step, that is the practice of a sport you enjoy, your mind will feel more lucid and your body lighter because they are in a process of purification and this is the first step to BE ABLE TO RECEIVE ALL THE DEEP PHYSICAL AND Psychological BENEFITS that your YOGA routine will bring to you.


Today at 64, I teach yoga, I travel, I do yoga retreats in Costa Rica and I continue studying about the wonderful mysteries that are hidden in the body and the human mind. Now I understand why my healthy diet in which I included QUINOA, EXERCISE, and the REGULAR PRACTICE OF YOGA prevented me from taking that long list of remedies that frightened me so much and that doctors recommend so vehemently.

Without knowing it, through the habits I had created when I was 42 years old, I was raising the levels of the 3 happiness hormones: SEROTONIN, DOPAMINE AND MELATONIN in a natural way. The first kept me in good spirit while regulating my digestive system, MY MEMORY AND MY APPETITE, the second one allowed me to feel PLEASURE and consequently with high libido and the third one, helped me to SLEEP GOOD.


Yes, it is true that there are annoying symptoms but nothing that does not have a solution. I remember that all of a sudden I felt a wave of heat all over my body and I simply took off the excess of clothes in the middle of a meeting or party, without caring about what others thoughts. My life from 50 - 60 was full of responsibilities and stress that was handled with SWIMMING AND YOGA. Unfortunately we live in a NARCISSISTIC and SUPERFICIAL civilization that values ​​more the freshness and a perfect body than women´s maturity and the experience. However this reality forces us to give a new meaning to our lives by going beyond the EPHEMERAL FORM.


On the other hand, during this stage the unconditional support of the book THE POWER OF THE NOW from ECKHART TOLLE was definitive. I understood everything, absolutely everything depends on my perception. So, instead of feeling bad when wrinkles got deeper I DEDICATED MY TIME TO ACCEPT MYSELF and to embrace this new stage, to realize THE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES that opened up to me with only my change of attitude.


Remember that the regular practice of Yoga leads you to live in the PRESENT which is very important when having sex. The more present you can be with your partner, the better the experience will be for both of you.

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