• María Isabel González


Knowing how to live is knowing how to BREATH, knowing how to FEED your body and your INTELLECT. Thanks to meditation, I left a career full of tensions and stress and I was able to RECOGNIZE inside of me the sculptor who lived since I was a child and who was repressed by family and social patterns. From a very young age, I had the feeling that I belonged to something very ... very big but also very ... very familiar ... A summer night on the outskirts of Madrid lying on the grass watching the stars of a deep blue sky, I felt that I belonged to them.

Today, at 64, I feel that living is like traveling in time and in every laugh of joy and in every cry of sadness I am walking towards a dimension where emotion is diluted to give life to a more balanced and Equanimeous state of being where BEAUTIFUL / UGLY duality ... I LIKE / DON'T LIKE ... etc. It disappears to give way to simply BEING IN PEACE.

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