A Life of Inner Search

She was born in Colombia and at 6 months old she was on a plane to Madrid (Spain) where  she lived for the first 13 years of her life. When she was just a teenager, suddenly, her parents decided to return to Colombia to a small city of friendly people but very different from what she was used to; so as soon as she finished high school, she traveled to the US for a year, to learn English and to get to know another culture. On that trip, she discovered her vocation as an artist during a pottery class, however, it would be many years before she fully embraced it.

Back to Bogota, completely confused about which career to follow, she entered to the

Universidad de Los Andes to study Biology and after a year she retires and decides to study Journalism at the University of Navarra in Spain. On her return to Bogota, she worked 2 years in television presenting two cultural programs, she wrote for Europa Press and PROMEC TV.


A bit disenchanted of Journalism in a country where telling the truth is a risk,

she departed with the idea of reuniting with her spirituality, she then receives Knowledge from Guru Maharaji and decides to enter an ashram for 3 years.

When she left the ashrams he decided to study art but this time not in a school but on her own. She placed her studio at her parents house, visited museums, studied the great masters of sculpture, learned to draw the human body and in that process falls in love with a painter who has just finished his studies in Florence (Italy) whom soon after she marries and has three children. Every time she decided to return to art, her marriage falters and Gonzalez returns resigned to her family life. Only after 13 years of marriage, when she turns 40, does her indomitable character lead her to divorce even though she knew she will have to take care of her home and children on her own. She taught English in schools and universities, sold bricks, for then start exposing her great work ORION and receives translation assignments to be able to cover all of her expenses.


A year later the newspaper EL ESPECTADOR called her for an interview and she started to work as Director of Prensa Escuela, a pedagogical program imported from Great Britain to teach the children general culture, in a playful and interactive way. 

Keep in mind that 10 years before that, drug trafficking had killed the director of the newspaper and in 2003 the Grupo Santodomingo owner of Bavaria at the time and the  producers of the SPECTATOR announced that said business was for sale.


As Gonzalez had an indefinite term contract, she received a lucrative compensation with which she decides to risk continuing her career in art instead of returning to be used by ungrateful people. 

She continues to draw, study and create her works with passion and determined to say what she could not say as a journalist.

She was able to sell her first sculpture DISENCHANTMENT under the wing of then recognized Diners Gallery and Cecilia Zambrano, the director, puts her art piece on display inmediately.

This is how her self-taught career in the art world started, by then already divorced and taking care of her daughters on her own.

She created 3 series that she called MOMENTS OF LIFE, CRIES OF SILENCE and LIFE

IT IS A CARNIVAL through which she expressed her individual and social feelings, thus joining her journalism studies with art to express her particular perception of the reality that she lives and surrounds her.


She participated in 13 group exhibitions and 12 solo exhibitions in Colombia, Europe and the United States in which renowned collectors acquired her work. 

She used a wide variety of materials to create her work depending on what the type of creation called for, from bronze, cement, resin, steel to aluminum, miracles began to occur. She then trades 2 sculptures for a beautiful house on the outside of the city for 1 year. 

She then, exchanges her sculptures for two years of school, get the services of homeopathic doctors and even dental work for her children in exchange for her art.


In 2012 she retired to the outside of Bogota to create her collection AVES COLOMBIANAS in the municipality of Silvana. 

Colombia is being deforested and its rivers polluted. She wanted to capture the beauty and lightness of the birds for which she stopped modeling with clay and ventures into CONSTRUCTIVISM assembling metal sheets painted with the vibrant tones that only God knows how to give to its creations.


In 2013 she traveled to Medellín and settles in El Retiro, where she spends days observing and painting the MOT- MOT, SOLEDAD or BARRANQUERO. 

Ecstatic about its 8 colors, she decides to create it and put it to fly two meters high on an iron pedestal. 

This work is acquired by the Museum and Territory Directorate of the Museum of Antioquia. She participates in the Annual Art Fair of Medellín and is linked to an art gallery that sells her work regularly. 

In 2013 she travels to the Sacred Lagoon of Guatavita and set up her workshop in front of it. 

She worked some orders for bronze works and begins to rethink life while practicing Yoga and Meditation daily.

In 2016 she was fed up and can’t take living in Colombia anymore with its continuous socio-political conflicts fed by the inordinate and entrenched corruption and violence in each of their institutions. 

That is when she decided to travel to Costa Rica in search of tranquility, organization and respect for Nature. 

Disenchanted from the art world, she takes up her vocation and love for Yoga and travels to India for 6 months to become a certified teacher of HATA and Ashtanga Tristhan Yoga.

Back in Costa Rica she decided not only to share her experience in a ashram of Rishikesh for 5 months and a half in front of the river Ganga but her experience acquired since she was 23 years old when she received Knowledge from Guru Maharaji who was her first teacher.